Our Awesome Playgroup

A Greek Playgroup is the perfect place for toddlers, where they will start their lifelong Greek heritage journey!.

Greek Kinder

Greek Kindergarten is an ideal place where children will play whilst learning about the Greek culture!


Greek Playgroup is the perfect place where your children will play whilst learning about the Greek culture!


Greek Pre-school is the awesome place where your toddler will play whilst being part of a similar age peer group!


Enrol into Little Hercules Playgroup now, located in Chadstone/Oakleigh area.

A Positive Education

At "Little Hercules Playgroup" (part of Zenon Education) we recognise that families have competing demands on their time, and their effort in prioritising learning about the culture and language of their heritage is to be commended. .

Positive Education

Positive Education

"Little Hercules Playgroup" education aims to be abreast of the latest advancements in educational practices. It is always updating its curriculum and teaching approach to provide the highest quality of education to its students...

Dedication to Greek Culture

Dedication to Greek Culture

All learners in the process of acquiring a second language (especially Greek) have an invisible filter inside of them which Stephen Krashen theoretically calls the “affective filter”...

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

When choosing a community language school you need to ensure that it complies with the approved Dept. of Education guidelines and that these should be openly described on the website...

Award Winning Performance

Award Winning Performance

"Little Hercules Playgroup" students have received awards again for the work they accomplished in the Australian Hellenic Memorial Competition. Each prize carried a monetary award...

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