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Greek Language Pre-School Program

Zenon! A Greek Pre-School Program for the new generations!

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  • GREEK PLAYGROUP: Up to 2 ½ yr old toddlers (children accompanied by a parent)
    Saturday:  9.45-10.45 am
    Location: Malvern Valley Primary School, Abbotsford Ave, E .Malvern/Chadstone
  • GREEK KINDER: 3-5 yr old children (parents not required to stay)
    Friday: 5.00-7.00 pm
    Saturday:  9.30-11.30 am
    Location: Malvern Valley Primary School, Abbotsford Ave, E. Malvern/Chadstone
    Monday: 5.00-7.00 pm
    Location: Wesley College, Gladstone Pd, Elsternwick


Please download, fill-it in and mail it to Zenon Cultural Centre, P.O. Box 2343, Caulfield Junction, Vic 3161

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An Innovative Greek Language Pre-School Program


AIM: Our aim is to develop a Greek Australian identity within children, helping them gain confidence in using the Greek language in their family environment and prepare them for further study in Greek.

Our objectives are to enable children to:

  • be immersed in the Greek language and culture
  • develop skills that will enhance second-language learning
  • to enjoy learning the Greek language and culture in a bilingual environment
  • develop an appreciation of their cultural heritage

We believe that children benefit the most if they are immersed in the Greek language and culture. Therefore, the focus of our program is the Greek language, using simple communicative language to ensure that the children feel comfortable and understand instructions (especially at the early stage). We provide a fun-filled bilingual environment where children become involved in a range of learning experiences.

The Greek language is introduced gradually in a stimulating and enjoyable way, and children are encouraged to use Greek words and phrases in their speaking. The progress depends on the individual children but we believe that the more authentic Greek environment children are exposed to, the easier it is for them to learn the language.


AIM: To enable young children to learn and appreciate the Greek language and culture

Educational approach:

  • Develop speaking and  listening skills
  • Listen to stories and myths
  • Explore the Greek alphabet, letters, sounds, phonemes
  • Develop writing skills – tracing/forming letters /simple words
  • Letters/words /pictures activities
  • Participate in interactive activities/ puppet shows and role-plays
  • Explore themes and topics related to the children’s world (Eg. Myself and my family, My grandparents, My friends, Greetings, Numbers, Colours, Days of the week, Birthdays, Name days, Special Celebrations, Food, Pets/Animals, My house etc)
  • Participate in Greek educational games and kinaesthetic activities
  • Participate in hands-on activities on  letters, words and pictures representing familiar topics
  • Explore aspects of Greek mythology and drama

Cultural approach:

  • Gain an awareness about the Greek culture
  • Develop a love for Greek food and entertainment
  • Learn and perform Greek dancing
  • Sing and recite traditional songs and poems

Recreational approach:

  • Play in small groups
  • Participate in educational games to reinforce language
  • Engage in art & craft activities
  • Perform for parents and family/concerts

For more information:

Phone: 0401208013

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Andrea (Mob: 0401 208 013 -Email: @


Kinder Playground

Zenon Yasou Kidskybous

The kinder playground for the Zenon Yasou kids is a modern facility where parents can stay with their offsprings as long as they like.

The idea is to introduce 3 and 4 year olds to the schooling environment where they can discover, learn and participate.

Here we have some photos for you to see the actual premises and playground where children spend all of their time.